Rooted in Lucerne, networked with the world.

Presenting Luzerner Kantonalbank: proud of our roots and our values.

Private Banking

Traditional full-service bank for discerning clients

Founded in 1850, Luzerner Kantonalbank (LUKB) is the leading bank in Canton Lucerne. As a classic, full-service bank, LUKB offers all the services that you would expect from a modern bank for discerning clients. Its core business areas include real estate and business financing, pension provision, and asset advisory and management. With all of its liabilities covered by a state guarantee, LUKB enjoys a high degree of trust and is an acknowledged partner to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Canton Lucerne and the rest of German-speaking Switzerland.


The LUKB Group comprises four wholly-owned subsidiaries:

  • Luzerner Kantonalbank AG (parent)
  • LUKB Expert Fondsleitung AG
  • Refinum AG

LUKB Expert Fondsleitung AG offers services relating to investment fund administration. It issues fund products and assumes strategic and day-to-day investment fund management along with all of the associated statutory duties laid down in the Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA).

In Switzerland's top ten

With a balance sheet of total 57.40 billion Swiss Francs and a staff of about 1,300, LUKB numbers among Switzerland's ten largest banks. Including reserves, its equity capital is over 3 billion Swiss Francs. Furthermore, 23 branches (including one in Zurich) means that LUKB has by far the densest banking network in the region.

Canton Lucerne as principal shareholder

LUKB has been a joint stock company under Art. 620 of the Swiss Code of Obligations since 2001. Its principal shareholder is Canton Lucerne, which holds about 61 percent of the bank's shares. Around 39 percent of registered shares are owned by a broad cross-section of the public.

The state guarantee, for which the bank pays a fee, is rooted in the Swiss Cantonal Bank Act. It is also regulated by law that at least 51 percent of the shares of LUKB must remain in the ownership of Canton Lucerne.

Portfolio Management

Optimising your portfolio and your time

With your order for portfolio management you transfer to us the responsibility for your securities investments. We fulfil this responsibility on the basis of clear guidelines determined together with you.

Together with your investment consultant you determine the entire personal investment goal. Along the way our portfolio management offers you …

… more than an endeavour in the ivory tower

You discuss your desires and goals with your investment consultant. The portfolio manager implements your instructions into reality. He cares about the active management of your assets and works closely together with your investment consultant by constantly informing him about the development of your portfolio.

… more than a black-and-white view

A pure bond account on one hand and a pure share portfolio on the other hand normally define the spectrum of possible investment strategies. In the first case the value development is relatively constant, but rather modest in the long-term average. In the second case an average higher nominal yield may be anticipated. However, over the course of time value setbacks are also to be reckoned with. That's why quite frequently a suitable combination of both variations of share and bond investments is selected. This solution is arranged entirely according to your willingness to risk.  

… more than magic

We do not claim to know the future. On the contrary, our portfolio managers persistently pursue your longterm, defined investment goal. We react in the framework of the selected strategy quickly to fundamental or psychological changes in the financial markets. The continuity of the investment strategy based on mutual trust will, however, always be of the essence.

… more than a local show

We invest for you globally, but place the emphasis of the investment in your reference currency. This is the currency in which you think, appraise the currency risk, and in which you desire the presentation of your asset values and asset development.

… more than merely average

The portfolio management of the LUKB features an organisation and information infrastructure which complies with high international standards. We allow ourselves to be measured and compared by these standards. Quality and financial standing of the individual investments are therefore a matter of course.

… more than the pursuit for commissions

Transactions incur costs. Our portfolio managers strive to find a reasonable balance between active trading on the market and subsequently arising transaction costs. If a risk distribution through individual investments is cost-effectively inappropriate in certain investment categories, this is covered with appropriately suitable investment funds. This approach enables us to offer you the entire service package of portfolio management at attractive conditions.

… more than your relief from investment decision making

With the delegation of your investment decision making to a professional portfolio management you free yourself from all administrative tasks. On request we provide you every year with a securities directory for tax purposes. This directory contains the necessary tallies of asset and income points as well as the reclaimable withholding tax amount according to Swiss law.

… more than portfolio management

Your investment consultant speaks with you periodically about the attained results. As a partner he accompanies your planning in all financial sectors on a short-term or long-term basis precisely according to your requirements and under consideration of fiscal, provisional and inheritance matters.A personal conversation imparts the advantages and the various possibilities of portfolio management.